The world is an infinite collection of systems, many of which remain hidden. All things exist in a constant, primary  system of production and consumption, and discovering and understanding various tertiary systems is essential to becoming an integral (and persuasive) part of their operation. Architecture is no different. It is imperative that designers and architects understand the system in which they work. Materials and methods combine to create the built environment, and success depends upon the architect’s ability to recognize and control the system(s) at play. Here you will find examples of architecture, materials that make it and systems it is part and parcel to.   


My name is Michael and I am an intern architect living in Rochester, NY with my wife Kelly and son Liam. Originally from Cincinnati, I received a B.S. Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2006. I spent a few years living in Boston and went on to acquire a Masters of Architecture degree from the University at Buffalo. I’ve worked in a multitude of architectural offices over the last six years and aim to become a licensed architect and professor of architecture in the near future.


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